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Turtle Island Safer Spaces Resources

Welcome to our Educational Resource Library! This is where we keep all of the resources that we think will be useful to you as you continue on your learning journey.

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Be Heard

Any youth who complete the survey below are automatically entered in a prize draw!

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Accountability Report

It is important that businesses and organizations who display our logo are actively working to make their spaces safer. However, we recognize the following:

  1. Any space can cease to be safe at any moment. No space is ever 100% safe, even if it is a Turtle Island location.

  2. Our locations are all at different points on their learning journeys.

  3. Generally, it is more productive to support businesses/organizations in their commitment to make their space safer than it is to automatically dismiss them from Turtle Island Safer Spaces. However, we will operate on a case-by-case basis.

Most importantly...

We will listen to and believe people who report that they have felt unsafe or unwelcome in a Turtle Island Safer Spaces location. If you have felt unsafe in a Turtle Island Safer Spaces location and are willing to share your experience, please fill in the form below.

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